Why your business needs a website:

Every business needs a website to reach current and potential customers.   The Internet is an increasingly dominant marketing channel and will only increase in popularity and usage.   As your business moves into the 21st century, you need to take advantage of 21st century technology.

Update Products Quickly and Inexpensively

If you change your phone number, you may wait up to one year for the new number to appear in the phone book.   With a website, that change can be made very quickly.   Are you willing to risk losing a customer because they get frustrated in trying to reach you?

If you decide to change the specific products or services that you provide, updating your current marketing material can be time consuming and costly.   With a website, that change is not only very inexpensive, but can be made very quickly.

Advertise Specials

Does your business offer specials?   Many businesses create fliers to hand out to current customers announcing upcoming specials.   This is good for your current customers, but what about NEW customers?   With a website you will not only reach existing customers, but potential customers as well.   Your website can be updated many times per year at a fraction of the cost of a single batch of fliers.

Your Business is Always Open

Wouldn't it be nice to increase sales without having to increase your expenses?   With a website your business can be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   Customers can browse your products at their leisure.   Current and potential customers have the ability to email you with questions or to request more product information when it is convenient for them.   You also have the option to sell your products over the web, giving you a broader market area.

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Your customers' time is valuable. Let them find you 24x7 with a website from Home Page Technology.