These are some questions that we hear quite often.   Hopefully, the answers will be of some help to you.

What is a domain name and how do I choose one?

A domain name is the address people use to find you on the Internet.   The domain name can be whatever you choose as long as it is available for purchase.   We recommend trying to match your domain name to your business name as closely as possible.   Domain names can be up to 63 characters in length, but it is best to keep the name reasonably short so people will remember it.   Domain names must be registered annually.   Home Page Technology handles this annual registration for you and this amount is included as part of your annual hosting fee.

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How does my business appear on the Internet?

Before we store your website files on our hosting computers, we register your domain name to point to that specific computer's IP address.   This address, along with your website name, or URL (Univeral Resource Locator) is published across the many domain name servers on the Internet so that anyone can find your website by typing in your website name (URL).

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How will customers find my website?

Search engines, some of the most popular being Google and Yahoo, normally take between one and three months to include your website.   You should add your website address to your current mode of marketing when feasible.   This can include newspaper advertising, radio announcements, billboards, company letterhead, business cards and your answering machine message or flyers posted in your store.

Home Page Technology designs websites to be "search-engine ready." This means that we use specially tagged text such as titles and headings, and use special code that contains keywords and/or descriptions that accurately describe your business.

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Are websites flexible?

A website is very flexible.   Information on websites can be added to, deleted from or completely redesigned at any time.   What if you decide to change your business hours?   If your advertisement in the yellow pages includes your hours of operation, you would have to wait until the next time the yellow pages are reprinted to have your correct hours showing.   With a website, your new hours can be updated quickly and easily.

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Are websites designed for search engines or people?

Home Page Technology designs websites to be easy for your customers to find and use, making the website more productive and profitable for you.   Your customers, current and prospective, want to see immediate results.   We build pages that load quickly and are easy to navigate.

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What is the payment procedure?

We usually require a 50% deposit before we begin.   The remaining balance is due before the website goes live.   The details will be contained in your contract.

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How long will it take to build my website?

Once we receive your down payment and consult with you on your design needs and you provide any other necessary materials, it will generally take about two weeks to complete.   Large or complicated sites may take longer.   The website will go live when you approve the content and final payment is received.

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Why are additional pages for my site less expensive than the first page?

We spend a substantial amount of time on developing the look and feel of your website.   Your initial page (Home Page) will display this look and feel as the theme for any other pages.   As some of these elements can be reused on succeeding pages, these additional pages will require less time to construct and will therefore be less expensive.

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