We offer many features and tools for your website

This page shows examples of some or our most popular options.   Many more customized tools, functions, effects and calculators are available.   If you require something that we don't already offer, we'll be glad to work with you to develop exactly what you need.   These optional components are not only highly effective in making your website effective and easy to use, but are surprisingly affordable.   We welcome the opportunity to discuss the available options with you and to recommend the ones that are the perfect fit for your website.

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Display one of a set of images randomly.

When you click the REFRESH button on your brower, the picture on the left will probably change.

A picture that changesThree static pictures

Your images can change while the page is displayed on your customer's browser.

Secure email forms are protection from SPAM harvesting.

Email submission screen

Our secure server-based email submission form masks your email address from appearing anywhere on your website, so spammers can't harvest it and bombard you with ads for things that you don't need or try to infect you with viruses.   The form is fully customizable, so that whatever information you need is gathered.   You can even specify which fields are required and which are optional.   If you have multiple email submission forms on your site (perhaps one for sales and another for general information), you can have each go to a different email address.

A Photo/Movie Gallery that you update when you like.

Photo Gallery screen

Home Page Technology is proud to present a photo gallery option for your website that is easier for you to use than any that we've seen.   This sophisticated product does almost all of the work for you.   All you have to do is move the pictures to the web server, but not one-by-one as you have to with other products.   Our solution includes software that we will install and configure on your local PC that will allow you to move entire folders of folders at one time.   Our gallery product automatically creates thumbnails for each picture or movie (yes, it displays movies as well as all of the major picture formats).   It also automatically displays the thumbnails in the folder structure that you put the pictures or movies in, using the names that you put on the folders and pictures.

A picture

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